Anticipating Your Next Question

UVA Today article – January 12, 2015 Just 25 years ago, people researching a topic typically started with a visit to their library and a chat with the reference librarian. Today, with the help of an Internet search engine, they can answer almost any question whenever it occurs to them – but only if they…

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Colloquia 2014

December Prabal Dutta, University of Michigan: “Scalable Sensor Infrastructure for Sustainably Managing the Built Environment.” Thursday, December 11, 2014 in Rice Hall, Rm. 130 at 10:00 am   November Firoze Lafeer, Head of Capital One’s Technical Fellows program: “Mashing banking services together in a functional reactive way.” Thursday, November 6, 2014 in Olsson 120 at…

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Published on Jul 15, 2014 Josephine Cheng interviews Jack Stankovic, BP American Professor, University of Virginia, discusses the future of wireless sensors and their use to detect medical problems, and Manuel Hermenegildo of the IMDEA Software Institute and UPM, who discusses his research on how software can improve energy consumption.

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Connected Home

Kamin Whitehouse, Commonwealth Associate Professor, University of Virginia, shares applications for deploying more affordable sensors and analytics to create a smart home. {video} Kamin Whitehouse’s research lab is currently focused on energy-efficient smart buildings, an interdisciplinary research area that sits at the boundary between computer science and building science.

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