Faculty Honors & Awards


Appointed to the National Academies Computer Science and Telecommunications Board, Member, 3-year term, beginning Sept. 2011: Jack Stankovic
Outstanding Contribution Award, IEEE/ACM Cyber Physical Systems Week, 2012: Sang Son
Anita Borg Technical Leadership Award: Mary Lou Soffa
Maurice Wilkes Award: Kevin Skadron
NSF Secure Computation Grand for $3M: Dave Evans and abhi shelat
Ken Kennedy Award: Mary Lou Soffa
Endowed chairs in the Engineering School: Mary Lou Soffa, John Stankovic, William Wulf
National Academy of Engineering: Anita Jones, William Wulf
IEEE Fellows: John Stankovic, Anita Jones, William Wulf, Alf Weaver, Kevin Skadron, Mary Lou Soffa, Sang Son
ACM Fellows: William Wulf, Alf Weaver, Mary Lou Soffa, Jack Davidson, Anita Jones
IEEE TCDP Distinguished Achievement Award: John Stankovic
IEEE Harlan Mills Award: John Knight

Early Career Awards

NSF Career Awards: Jane Qi,  abhi shelat, Westley Weimer, Jason Lawrence, Kamin Whitehouse, Sudhanva Gurumurthi, David Evans

Yahoo Academic Career Enhancement Award: Honging Wang


IEEE Computer Society Taylor Booth Award: James Cohoon, Jack Davidson
State of Virginia Outstanding Faculty Award: David Evans


2011 Distinguished Service Award from ACM: Bill Wulf
SEAS Distinguished Service Award: Alf Weaver
SEAS Distinguished Faculty Award: John Stankovic
IEEE Distinguished Public Service Award: William Wulf
ACD SIGSOFT Distinguished Service Award: John Knight
IEEE Founder’s Medal: Anita Jones
SIGDA distinguished Member Award: James Cohoon
ACD SIGPLAN Distinguished Service Award: Mary Lou Soffa
ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Service Award: Mary Lou Soffa


Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring: Mary Lou Soffa
CRA Nico Habermann Award: Mary Lou Soffa