CAP Researcher won the Best in Session for work on RAPID programming language at TECHCON2016


The Center for Automata Processing (CAP) continues its excellence in automata computing research exploration across the stack.  CAP researchers, led by Kevin Angstadt, developed a programming language optimized for pattern matching algorithms called RAPID.  The paper titled “RAPID: Accelerating pattern search applications with reconfigurable hardware” won Best in Session at the Semiconductor Research Corporation TECHCON2016 in Austin, TX.

Recent research has demonstrated the efficacy of accelerating textual pattern search tasks using specialized hardware, such as Micron’s Automata Processor (AP) and FPGAs, but programming these devices is often challenging for non-hardware-experts. To address this, CAP researchers developed RAPID, a high-level programming language and combined imperative and declarative model for programming pattern-recognition processors. RAPID is clear, maintainable, concise, and efficient both at compile and run time. In the paper, Angstadt et al. discuss the tools and algorithms they have developed

and evaluate a suite of RAPID programs against custom, baseline implementations

Kevin Angstadt

previously demonstrated to be significantly accelerated by specialized hardware. RAPID programs are much shorter in length, are expressible at a higher level of abstraction than their handcrafted counterparts, and yield generated code that is often more compact.

An authors’ version of the paper can be found at the CAP website (

Congratulations to Kevin Angstadt and the RAPID team for an honor well deserved!!!

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