PhD Proposal Presentation

Tuesday, March 15, 2016
3:00 PM in Rice 242

John Hott

Advisor: Worthy Martin
Attending Faculty: Alfred Weaver, Gabriel Robins, Luther Tychonievich, Jeffrey Holt (minor representative)

Evolving Networks: Structure & Dynamics

Network analysis, especially social network analytics, has become widespread with the growing amount of linked data available. Many researchers have started to consider evolving networks, i.e. Time-Varying Graphs (TVGs), to begin to understand how these networks change over time. I expand on current practice in three ways: I develop sampling methods for examining an evolving network at any given time-point, apply social network measures to the sampled graphs, and examine evolving networks which contain various definitions of node identity. Specifically, I propose six methods for sampling a TVG to include contextual events in an interval around any time-point, producing representative static graphs of the TVG. I then apply betweenness and harmonic centralities throughout the overall lifespan of the TVG to yield distributions characterizing the dynamics of the network evolution. I also propose the new concepts of “node-identity class” and “node-identity function” to analyze and compare different views of the same graph. Each of these proposed extensions and concepts will be validated against synthetic and real-world datasets, including Mormon marriages in mid-1800s Nauvoo, IL, an arXiv co-citation network, and the Social Networks and Archival Contexts historical social-document network.

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